How to Become an ESL Teacher…almost there!

This should hopefully be my last post warning you of the arrival of How to Become an ESL teacher: a step by step guide to landing your first TEFL job teaching English abroad. At the moment it’s being proofread, so it should be ready for publication by the end of the month.

This is the book cover (for some reason my photos are showing up a bit weird but I’m onto the technical guys at wordpress). Below is a book description so you can see whether this book will be any use to you.

How to Become an ESL Teacher

A step by step guide to landing your first TEFL job teaching English abroad

If you want to travel the world, earn a living, and discover a rewarding profession, then becoming an ESL teacher is the way to go. Over 10,000 people a year complete a CELTA to fulfil their dreams and become English teachers with possibilities of working anywhere in the world.

How to Become an ESL Teacher will take you through the necessary steps to landing your first ESL job and begin your adventure teaching English abroad. This book is full of tips, advice, and real life examples on becoming an ESL teacher.

By reading How to Become an ESL Teacher you will be able to:

  • Make sure you know whether ESL is for you by obtaining detailed information on what life is like as an ESL teacher.
  • Learn how to get qualified, pass the CELTA, and receive your golden ticket to finding your first job.
  • Decide where to teach English after reading detailed examples of living and working conditions in Ecuador, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, and Spain.
  • Find the best and most suitable jobs, and get through the daunting interview process.
  • Make your life changing decision easier by obtaining tips on leaving your country and arriving in a new one.
  • Discover how to survive your first week as an ESL teacher with as much comfort and confidence as possible.

Written by Barry O’Leary, author of Teaching English in a Foreign Land and owner of Barry has been teaching English for over 13 years. He’s worked and lived in Ecuador, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, and now lives in Seville, Spain. He is CELTA and Delta qualified and has had 12 different ESL jobs throughout his career.

You too could become an ESL teacher, travel the world and actually enjoy working. Just download this book, or a sample to begin with, and obtain the knowledge necessary to land your first ESL job.

Here is a detailed chapter description.


A word of warning

Who is this book for?

Why listen to me?


Chapter 1 Making Sure

What a typical day might involve as an ESL teacher

Pros and Cons of being an ESL teacher

What type of person does it take to be an ESL teacher?

Plan of Action


Chapter 2 Getting qualified

Is a CELTA necessary?

Reasons to do a CELTA

General CELTA information

What do you learn on a CELTA course?

How can a CELTA help you in your first job?

What the CELTA doesn’t prepare you for

How to pass a CELTA


Chapter 3 Deciding where to go

Getting your timing right

What to consider as you’re making a decision

Country Guides on Ecuador, Brazil, Australia, Thailand and Spain

Great book to have


Chapter 4 Finding your first ESL job

The best way to find an ESL job

How to get a job when you arrive

How to get a job before you leave

Interview Tips

How to battle the imaginary lesson


Chapter 5 Leaving home and arriving in a new country

What can you expect to feel before you leave?

What to take

Finding a place to stay

Dealing with goodbyes

Meeting people

What not to do when you arrive in a new country


Chapter 6 Surviving your first week as an ESL teacher

How to survive your first day

How to impress your boss

How to be with your students

Some first lesson examples

Fool proof lesson plan for the 1st day

How to survive your first week

What you should do in your first week

What you shouldn’t do in your first week

Final comments, plus free book.

For updates and book offers then just join my mailing list Baztefl Followers. So, keep your eyes out for my next book. Hope you enjoy it.

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